Guitar Lessons in Williamsburg and Clinton Hill Brooklyn

Learning guitar on your own is tons of fun.

Aaaaand it can be frustrating. Like when you put your fingers in the right places but it sounds wrong. Or when you just can’t get the strumming right. Or you know your chords, scales and rhythms but can’t connect that to actual music.

Videos and tab are great ways to learn, but they can’t hear you.

They can’t give you any feedback on your playing. The guy can’t reach out of the monitor to see what’s holding you back and adjust your hand. And he can’t ask you where you want to go with guitar.

It’s also tough to work with a teacher who is just going through the motions; who isn’t sensing what inspires you, highlighting your talents and helping you get unstuck.

An experienced teacher can help you make the most of your time and help you play guitar the way you want to.

And you need a teacher who’s a good fit for you. I’m Bryan Wade and I’ve helped hundreds of guitarists build their skills and confidence by playing music they love. I can help you.


Nolan-M-2“Bryan doesn’t teach the guitar as just an instrument. He takes the time to understand what I want to achieve and then teaches like my guitar is an extension of what I think, what I’m feeling.” Nolan M., Student for 4 Years

Rocking the Brooklyn, NY neighborhoods of:

Williamsburg ~ Greenpoint ~ Clinton Hill ~ Fort Greene ~ Prospect Heights ~ Bed-Stuy ~ and beyond

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